Mboulé Marguerite


« Imagine you are in a room you don’t know and which is unfamiliar. Your friends have not yet arrived and you start feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and shoes- perfect scenario to start suffocating and feeling oppressed within your body in a space that seems hostile. »


« And then, you start remembering that your body and music are your first allies. So you let your breathing be the guide and adapt it to your needs. You explore the space you are in: its shape, its colours. Then you start observing the differences and strengths of the those around you. To feel and see the space that separates , links, protects and keeps you apart from each other . You listen to all the sounds produced by your surroundings. Ahhh everything now feels better! And you start feeling in perfect harmony with your body, your space and your time. That is where lies all my work ethic, all my passion! ….

Because everything relies on the harmony and balance of one’s body, space and time. Dancing is an ongoing game of this balance and these notions. » MM*



Marguerite MBOULÉ has been a dancer most of her life, starting at a very young age. Through life and artistic experiences, notably dancing with Sidney (of the H.I.P.H.O.P era), the companies Boogi-Saï, Bill T Jones, Kafig and Philippe Adrien, she has carved herself a career as both a dancer and an actor. In 2005, she founds the Élolonguè company and choreographs several pieces for professional and amateur dancers and audiences alike.
Her technique is inspired from her study of Jazz (which led her to acquire a Jazz Teaching state certificate), from her own experience as professional stage dancer and from the Irène Popard method, which she practices herself. The training course she offers is aimed at dance teachers and is the result of her 30 year-long experience with dance.

As a dancer of the first generation of French Hip Hop culture, her work rests on the values of peace, unity, respect, joy and self-accomplishment. Marguerite MBOULÉ »s passion and mission is to pass on her knowledge to « dancers » and « non dancers » alike. She strives to share her art, thus creating transmission and sharing platforms , and spaces for corporal expression. There lies her utmost essence.