Cultural mediation


« Si Loin, Si Près » (« Far Away, So Close ») is a cultural exchange program aimed at suburban and rural youth, and is addressed to young males and females aged 16 to 25 from disadvantaged backgrounds in sensitive urban zones (SUZ), who have experienced delinquency or have been excluded from school system.

The aim is to inspire a collective dynamic through cultural exchanges between different neighbourhoods and regions.

In 2012, the « Si Loin, Si Près » project branched out to Europe with an exchange between Saint Denis locals and Londoners . the idea was encourage cultural diversity and point out creative show Europe’s creative assets by highlighting the skills of the participants in this exchange.

Such imitative helps prevent teen delinquency and youth crime by inciting participants to take a more social and solidary approach to life. It is also about tying links between local neighbourhoods and other European cities . Ultimately, this project aims to promote a sense of well-being in all participants.

With that in mind, the Élolonguè company offers beginners and advanced dance and Slam classes, as well as cultural excursions and trips.


Si Loin SI Près – Cie Elolonguè – Maison de la Jeunesse de Saint Denis from Cie Elolonguè on Vimeo.