After 13 years spent as a performer within companies such as Boogi-Saï and Kafig, Marguerite Mboulé launched her own dance company, the Élolonguè company in 2005.


2005/2006 – Yesterday’s Woman, Nowadays’ Woman (Femme d’hier, femme d’aujourd’hui.)

The show ‘Femme d’hier, Femme d’aujourd’hui’ is a 30 minute-long creation about the notions of identity and cultural wealth. This is a contemporary choreography inspired from Hip Hop, mixing dance, singing and rap. And a multidisciplinary piece centred around a woman’s struggle in a life that is not unfolding the way she’d envisioned it. Throughout her self-fulfilment, from childhood to teenage, from a young woman to full-grown womanhood, she contemplates whether or not to become a mother.


bouche cousues marguerite mboule lydie la peste danse hip hop femme creation and saint dénis
Supporters of this creation:
o La Halle aux cuirs
o La fabrique du mouvement
o La chaufferie, DCA de Philippe Découflé






This show was performed at several events including International Woman’s Day in Saint Denis,  Le Regard Metisse at Les Halle, as well as in The Marais, the Parc de la Vilettte in Paris and the Choreography Centre in Nancy..


• 2008 – Sealed Lips (Bouches cousues)

Extraits Création Bouches Cousues Cie Elolonguè from Cie Élolonguè on Vimeo.

Day-to-day , work and couple’s life, are events captured in Marguerite Mboulé’s piece through different feelings and faces of womanhood. ‘Bouches Cousues’ is a choreographic creation with four dancers, a sonic and graphic conception with overlapping lyrics and spoken word to really give a voice to Womanhood.

Cast : Lydie Alberto, Karlos Da Silva, Marguerite Mboulé et ChristineRotsen.

Sponsors and Supporters of this creation are:

o Caisse des depôts et consignations

o Ville de Saint Denis

o Spedidam

o Fondation BNP Paribas


o Initatives d’artistes en danses Urbaines

o Théatre Jean Vilar de Suresnes

o Studio Karine Saporta

o Club Indans’cité

o Fabrique du mouvement

• 2013/2014 – Traces, Memory and Transmission (Trace Mémoire et Transmission)


Since 2013, the Élolonguè company has curated the project ‘Traces, Memoires et Transmission’ , inaugurated at the Saint Denis Hip Hop Festival in October 2013. The company was also invited to the Stockholm Urban Connection Festival, where we performed one choreographic piece as well as speaking at two conferences with Julia Rouati.

The ‘Traces, Memoires et Transmission’ project is carried out in partnership with the town of Villetaneuse. A creation will come to fruition at the end of the year and from March onwards there will be cultural events aiming at raising awareness of Hip Hop culture, mixing dance and Slam, including a talk with social studies researcher Hugues Bazin, , about the legacy of Hip Hop culture which has steadily left trails of influence in many French towns and areas since the early 1980s.