arts 93 communique cie elolongue si loin si pret cours de danse paris saint denis

Arts 93 is an arts association founded in 2000 which has for main goals to:

  • Promote all aspects of Hip Hop culture
  • Facilitate access to culture, dance and sport

Since 2006, Arts 93 Communique has also developed projects for the dance company Élolonguè, the artistic director of which is Marguerite Mboulé.

The Élolonguè conpany caters for Arts 93 Communique’s artistic mission

The Élolonguè company consists of a dynamic creative team as well as an international network of artists and professionals operating in the Hip Hop sphere.

The company and association’s altruistic foundation is to share creativity, and since its creation, it has welcomed close to 3000 participants (including members and non-members) in its cultural, artistic and educational projects.